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Why Invest in a Janitorial Cleaning Franchise Rather Than Starting Independently?

Are you considering starting your own janitorial cleaning business? Franchising may be the better option. Janitorial franchising offers the convenience of getting a business up and running quickly without taking too much time away from family life. Plus, working with an established franchisor provides access to valuable support resources that could help make all the difference for success. Here are some reasons why investing in a franchise might be better than going it alone:

Secure the support of a larger company

One advantage of investing in a janitorial cleaning franchise is that you’ll have access to resources otherwise unavailable to independent operators. For instance, you can leverage their buying power for better deals on supplies and equipment. Furthermore, larger cleaning franchises often provide greater stability due to their established business models.

Get Help with Marketing

It is easy to underestimate how much effort and expense goes into effectively marketing your cleaning business. Advertising costs, flyers, promotional products and website upkeep can quickly add up when it comes time to pay the bills. With janitorial franchises, however, you are usually able to take advantage of an ongoing advertising program which attracts clients. Some companies even provide logoed cleaning carts so customers remember your company when they see one.

Gain training and Support

Most cleaning franchises provide comprehensive training programs that cover everything you need to know about starting and operating a successful business. In some cases, these may even offer specific instruction tailored towards your particular type of franchise. As a small business owner, it may take some time to learn all that’s required; having assistance at the start can give you an edge in the long run.

Get Low Overhead Costs

If you’re thinking about entering the cleaning business, one of your biggest worries might be overhead costs. As a newcomer, you may not have the budget for a large office space and must keep expenses low. A cleaning franchise can help maximize your money by providing all necessary equipment, supplies and tools needed for success – some even provide carts so clients know they are dealing with an established brand when they call on you for services.