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Power Your Sales With Amazon Chrome Extensions!

Millions of sellers from all over the globe are associated with chrome extensions amazon; ultimately, this platform has become the largest online marketplace. Billions of customers are engaged with the platform to find their needed products. In the biggest platform like Amazon, it is challenging for the sellers to stand out among their competitors, but it is possible to make it.

Finding and using the right chrome extensions will help you to stand unique among your Amazon sellers and increase your customers. One of the best extensions is Zonebase, which is a must-have tool for every amazon seller; it is an all-in-one software that will provide many benefits. If you are familiar with jungle scouts, it is easier to access the Zonebase.

How to Employ Zonebase chrome extension tool?

Follow these steps to learn how to use Zonebase:

  1. Visit, and search for the keyword or product you want.
  2. Once you enter the keyword or product name in the search bar, press the Zonebase chrome extension icon on the browser bar. You can find this icon in the upper right of the google chrome browser; once you click the icon, the Zonebase tool gets activated.
  3. After the activation, the tool will fetch you all the information you need from Amazon.
  4. At the top of the screen, we can view essential data like estimated search volume, smart score ( smart score will tell you about the number of times the keyword has been in search) and search volume history.
  5. You can also view the average monthly revenue, average unit price, the average number of views and intermediate monthly units sold; using this data, you can estimate the overall profit potential of the product idea.
  6. On the following site, you can view product price, sales history, monthly sales, BSR, monthly revenue, gross profits, etc.

Using the Zonebase chrome extension, you can quickly discover the potential products for your

Amazon store. Zonebase makes it easy for you to use and receive the informative data you require.

Popular Tools from Zonebase:

  1. Keyword finder
  2. Hidden niche
  3. Revenue estimator
  4. Brand ranking tracker
  5. Reverse ASIN
  6. List optimization

Chrome extensions amazon will be an effective tool to make your sales powerful and lead a more innovative business. Moreover, you can choose your best chrome extensions and lead a successful business. Check out the website for more informative details.