How Can Cycling Rejuvenate the Health of Senior Citizens?

How Can Cycling Rejuvenate the Health of Senior Citizens?

Scientists conducted an experiment aimed at finding out what impact cycling has on older people and middle-aged people. This method of healing the body of older people is one of the most simple and effective. This method is recommended by British scientists from the Royal College of London. Scientists investigated 122 volunteers who regularly go in for cycling, of which 81 were men and 41 were women. The age range of these subjects is from 55 to 79 years.

Scientists investigated the cardiovascular system of the subjects, their lungs, reaction rate, muscle strength, and bone tissue. At the end of the test, all volunteers were tested for cognitive functions, which include memory, logical thinking, etc. After analyzing the data obtained, the scientists came to the conclusion that most of the subjects aged 75 years and older showed almost the same results as the representatives of the “younger” group (from 55 years).

Each of the test participants was able to cover a distance of 60 km on a bicycle within a period of not more than five and a half hours, regardless of age. The best results on the test distinguished those older people who every day rode the bicycle for at least 8 km. Cycling has a beneficial effect on both the locomotor system and the lungs, the cardiovascular system and the brain, which is also used at a subconscious level to maintain balance.

Any elderly person is distinguished by individual features of the body, endurance and the state of the muscular system. And in order for a walk on a bicycle to bring health benefits, you must first consult with your doctor. Usually, many older people can freely ride a bicycle. Nevertheless, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the specialist regarding the start of training – to observe the regularity and duration of the first classes. It is also advisable to choose places that are remote from the roadway for cycling, for example, a park, or a forest, the clean air of which will have a beneficial effect on the body of older people which can help them get relief from quite a few diseases.

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