Home Remedies for Treating Bed Sores in Older Adults

Home Remedies for Treating Bed Sores in Older Adults

When it comes to a problem such as bed sores in older people, home remedies can act as an effective measure. However, their use allows you to clean wounds and form new tissues. It is important to remember that any popular method involves the use of medicinal plants. If you plan to treat pressure sores with the help of such methods, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor. Home Remedies Effective for the Treatment of Bed Sores in the Elderly

  • Lubricate the bedsores in older people several times a day with juice made from the leaves of the Lunaria;
  • Apply bandages with Kalanchoe leaves cut in half to bedsores;
  • Apply black elderberry leaves twice a day. They must first be scalded with boiling milk;
  • Prepare an ointment from the flowers of calendula and vaseline. Apply it to the bedsores in the elderly twice a day;
  • Mix freshly minced potatoes in half with honey and apply on the bedsores in the elderly;
  • Mix sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil, grease with a mixture of bedsores in the elderly several times a day;
  • Mix celandine juice, aloe juice, honey in a ratio of 2: 2: 1 and apply to the bedsores twice a day;

Prevention of pressure sores in the elderly:

The bedsores in elderly people form very quickly, the cells can begin to die off after only a few days. The treatment of ailment causes many difficulties and is not always effective. For this reason, prevention of the occurrence of pressure wounds should be given special attention.

Prevention of pressure sores:

  • Turn the patient several times a day;
  • Make sure that bedding and underwear does not have folds or any foreign objects like buttons;
  • Take care of the cleanliness of bed linen;
  • It is recommended to use a rubber wheel to prevent the appearance of pressure sores;

Areas of the skin that are constantly in contact with the surface of the bed should be wiped with a disinfectant solution. Is surgical treatment recommended to treat pressure sores in elderly people? Surgical treatment should be considered only as a last resort. Improper and inappropriate intervention can only worsen the condition further and lead to other major consequences. Surgical treatment involves free skin grafting, excision of bedsores and the subsequent comparison of the edges of wounds. However, it is not an effective method to treat pressure sores in older people. In fact, transplanted tissues might not survive well in the area where blood circulation is impaired. About Advantage Health Insurance: Advantage insurance or Medicare advantage plans located here https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/ cover costs including copay, coinsurance, etc. for seniors who’re 65 & over.