Why S.F. Is the Best Place For Romance

If you're looking for a romantic vacation or honeymoon, perhaps you should consider visiting San Francisco, California. There have even been songs about how romantic San Francisco is.

San Francisco has been designated one of the most romantic cities in America don't you think it's time your found out why? You could take a sunset cruise in the San Francisco bay is you want to make a very romantic night of it.

If you want to have a truly romantic experience you could schedule a couples massage at one of the many day spas in the area. This is an experience that neither of you would be likely to forget anytime soon. While there are spas across the country, there are quite possibly as many spas as there are Starbuck's in the city of San Francisco so you can be a lot more selective in the one you choose.

Another romantic thing to do while vacationing in San Francisco is to tour the various vineyards in the area. While San Francisco is not literally part of wine country, it is only a stone's throw away from some of the most famous vineyards in America. Rest assured that visiting the beautiful countryside and enjoying the tasting of various wines will make for quite the romantic outing.

Still need some romantic activities? Try a picnic in Golden Gate Park. After your picnic, perhaps you can rent a rowboat and take a trip around the lake or bicycles. Use your imagination and let your sense of romance rule the day. Walk into a flower shop and buy every daisy in the store (that may be a little dramatic, but you get the picture). The most romantic things that have ever happened in my life, were not planned, they were spur of the moment gestures that touched me far more than any contrived venture ever could.

Take your loved one to the Equinox, which is a revolving restaurant and bar at the top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. While the dining experience can be pricey, the spectacular view will take some of the sting out of the meal. Is there really a price that is too high to pay for romance?

If either of you have the slightest interest in art, San Francisco is full of museums and galleries that should appeal to your artistic nature and provide plenty of topics for discussion. Even if you aren't a fan of traditional art, you may actually surprise yourself by liking the art you find in this diverse city.

Any trip to San Francisco would have to be determined to be a romantic dud if it didn't include a trip to either Fisherman's Wharf, China Town, or Little Italy. These areas provide great food, beautiful and interesting sites, as well as a taste of cultural diversity that is hard to find in this day and age. It would be like traveling to New Orleans and not visiting the French Quarter. I whole-heartedly recommend devoting one entire day of your trip to one of these places if not each of them. Fisherman's Wharf is by far my favorite to visit for the sights and sounds, but both China Town and Little Italy have great things to offer as well. Plus, the food is too good to pass on without at least giving it serious thought.

Romance is a state of mind; it's just much easier to get to that mental place in a city like San Francisco. Take a trip with your beloved and see what all the talk is about.

How to Party Safely in S.F.

Whenever we go out to have a good time, we want to keep it fun and positive. Although going out for a night in the town usually means drinking alcohol, you have to make sure you consume drinks in a responsible manner. Alcohol has made even the smartest people do dumb things. Sometimes people even put their own lives (and the lives of others) in jeopardy by choosing to drink and drive. Getting behind the steering wheel after a night of drinking is never a good choice. With a little planning and forethought, you can make sure that you will enjoy your alcoholic beverages without sacrificing your freedom or your life.

Why You Want to Avoid A DUI

If you are arrested for driving under the influence, you will face stiff fines and possible jail time. You will also need to pay attorneys fees for a criminal defense lawyer to help you negotiate the best possible disposition with the city prosecutor. Aside from the stiff fines and scary jail time, you might also need to complete an alcohol treatment course which could last for several months. You also face problems with the DMV because a DUI will suspend your license and add points to your driving record. Finally, it is possible that your car insurance company will raise your premium amount due to your dangerous driving propensities. All in all, the only thing a DUI can give you is a large amount of debt and a lot of personal problems. It's never worth it to risk getting a DUI even when it seems like the chances of getting caught are slim.

Look Into Rideshares

San Francisco is a great city for public transportation or taxis. When living or visiting such a modern, vibrant city, there really is no excuse to drink and drive considering all of the transportation options that are available. Buses, trolleys and the classic taxicab are always around the local hotspots to make sure you get to your next destination safely. With the advent of ridesharing services and private taxi companies like Uber and Lyft, you can get a comfortable, safe ride just using a few swipes on your smartphone. Technology is helping to lower the number of drunk drivers on the road by making alternate drivers available at a moment's notice!

Find A Party Bus

Several companies in S.F. offer a party bus service that allows passengers to drink while bar hopping. These buses can be rented for parties, and sometimes sell individual admissions for people who want to mingle. They usually chaffeur party goers from one bar to another so that you can experience all the city has to offer in a night out. Alcohol is usually allowed inside the bus, so you can keep up your drinking routine while driving through the city. These buses make going out a lot more fun because you and your friends can all relax and enjoy each other's company in the bus without worrying about having to drive or parking. If you're going out for a bachelor's party or birthday, it is a great way to make sure everyone has fun together and that guests will get home safely.

Designated Drivers

The classic option for a night out in town is to use a designated driver. This involves finding someone who does not want to drink for the night and is open to driving around friends. In most cases, it is hard to find a designated driver because most adults want to have a drink or two when spending time at a club or lounge. Hopefully, you're circle of friends includes someone who does not like to drink at all, because this type of person makes a great designated driver. If you need to offer some incentives to convince someone to play this role, try offering to cover their admission to the club or paying for their non-alcoholic beverages of choice. You should also make sure that the person's gas expenses are covered for the night so that they don't go broke while you're having a good time. Designated drivers are a good option, but it is more likely that you will use a rideshare service in today's day and age.